California Terra, LLC Farm Supervisor Position Available in Merced!

California Terra, LLC Farm Supervisor Position Available in Merced!

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California Terra, LLC is seeking applications for Farm Supervisor in Merced, CA. This position has significant autonomy and requires a broad skill-set, including general management capability, attention to detail, “get-it-done” attitude, superior interpersonal skills and in-depth agricultural experience.


Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities: Direct and coordinate employee activities in all phases of the farm, including the following:

-Successful ground prep, planting, cultivation, irrigation, pest control, harvesting, and record-keeping of all crops on California Terra ranches.

-Physically inspect and maintain notes on the growing progress of all blocks at least 3 times per week in order to make sound, accurate farming decision.

-Organize and schedule weekly work flow so that the farming operation runs smooth and efficient. Plan and organize the next week’s cultural operations communicating this plan to employees.

-Manage all equipment repairs, maintenance and fabrication keeping equipment in excellent condition while minimizing cost.

-Ensure proper safety protocols are followed by all employees and monthly safety meetings are implemented and attended.

-You will manage a network of maintenance service providers to provide the best available pricing.

-Maintain accurate, detailed records of all crops from ground prep to harvest yields; you will review maintenance records to identify opportunities for improvement.

-You will maintain records of equipment, tractors/vehicles, drivers, training, maintenance and compliance.

-You will be involved with the purchasing, leasing and disposition of company vehicles to be sure the company fleet is appropriate for our needs and well utilized.

-Consistently communicate with management about farm activities, challenges and innovative solutions.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: 

-Knowledge of the correct setup and use of all farming equipment utilized in all aspects of the farming operation.

-Bilingual in English and Spanish

-Ability to maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, vendors, and peers.


For additional information contact Leonor Melo at 209-285-0001 or email at [email protected]

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