Food Commons Fresno Direct Public Offering

Food Commons Fresno Direct Public Offering

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Food Commons Fresno has connected with Merced through their CSA program and as a supporter of various programs at the UC Merced campus pertaining to food literacy and food insecurity.  Please take a look at their Direct Public Offering.  They have various tiers to offer support.  Another way to support their mission is to order one of their CSA boxes through


Food Commons Fresno is growing a community food system that fosters health, stewardship, equity, and economic development.

Sustainable communities feed themselves. At Food Commons Fresno, our mission is to grow a vibrant community-owned local food system, centered in Fresno, with benefits throughout the San Joaquin Valley to promote health, equity, diversity, stewardship and economic development, while making fresh, local produce both accessible and affordable.We’re growing our impact and operations in the Central Valley using an innovative model known as a Direct Public Offering. Our DPO will allow California residents to invest in the future of sustainable agriculture and community economic development.


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