Juice Words To Raise $50,000 To Open A Natural Juice Bar & Wellness Center

Juice Words To Raise $50,000 To Open A Natural Juice Bar & Wellness Center

Short Summary

Juice Words is a natural juicery that was started in the summer of 2018 as a way to provide the community of Merced more access to 100% natural foods. Rocio (the founder) started solely by delivering cold pressed juices around Merced. Fast forward to 2019 it is now being run by 3 women who want to make an impact with natural foods in the community of Merced. One of our team members gives back to the community by volunteering her time weekly at the Merced Library. The founder also volunteers her time with kids at the Boys &  Girls Club teaching them social & emotional skills. We are a community oriented team and we are here to help & educate our community how to eat better.

Our mission is to educate and serve natural, high vibrational and healing foods to our community. We believe foods can heal.  So we want to help our community learn what food can do for them. We also believe words can have an impact in your everyday routine. That is why each juice you order has a positive affirmation to help you start your day. We never compromise our taste so we use organic fruits & vegetables, and products.  Our goal is to be sustainable, so we try to source our products locally as much as possible. Lastly, we are an eco-friendly juicery and we do everything possible to give back to our earth. Some of the ways we do this is by composting, reusing our pulp,  and using reusable glass bottles.

We want to be a community oriented juice bar and we also want to convert this juice bar into a wellness space, a one stop, get all. Where you’ll get to do some therapeutic movement such as yoga and get your favorite juice.

What inspired me (Rocio Gonzalez)?
After seeing both of my parents pass away at a young age from preventable diseases, I realized that there is a food/body/mind/spiritual connection. This was a turning point for me as I realized that there is not enough education on healing foods. I also saw a lack of healthy options in my hometown. My goal is to help the community feel connected, to feel rejuvenated, heal with foods, inspire them with positive words, and with movement. I am passionate about changing the dynamics of the Central Valley, we should have healthier options to choose from. We shouldn’t have to drive to bigger cities to be exposed to more healthier options.  With the consumer in mind, we care about what’s in their food, and how it impacts their everyday lives. We feel that there’s so much potential in the community of Merced, and we want to see Mercedians thrive!

We would love it if you can help support us raise $50,000 to make this space possible. Funds will go towards everything from kitchen equipment, furniture, to permits, and renovation costs.

What We Need & What You Get

Funds are needed to help us with our initial investment & operating expenses costs which include: Refrigeration, commercial shelving, signage, point of sale hardware, interior design renovations, tables/chairs, juicer, branding, permit fees. That alone adds up to $31,800. Other expenses rent, labor, utilities, insurance, supplies add up to a total of $30,092 for the first 2 quarters.

What you get: In exchange for your contribution you will either get a taste of our natural pressed juices, a private Tension Release Session, a combination of both, or goodies from Happy Organics (a natural CBD infused company)! More perks to come.

The Impact

With your help you will allow the community of Merced to have access to cold-pressed juices and healthy food alternatives. As well as access to a holistic wellness space. Our sustainable eco-friendly shop will use organic produce when possible, clean ingredients, and source local ingredients. We also have plans to educate our community on health & wellness, healing movement, gardening, and more. Another goal is to have an impact in the areas where healthy food is deserted by offering free juices, food demonstrations, as well as tension release exercises and yoga to help reduce anxiety & stress.

What will the juice bar offer?

Hearty salads, smoothie bowls, adaptogenic lattes, hand-made cold-pressed juices, therapeutic movement, community wellness programs, quiet space for meetings, working, workshops, and more.

Community Involvement: 

Valley Crisis Center Merced: Rocio taught survivors mindfulness tools & Tension Release Exercises

Boys & Girls Club Merced: Rocio taught kids social & emotional skills and mindfulness tools

Merced Library: Cynthia volunteers at the Merced library

Risks & Challenges

Risks: We have high hopes that Merced will love this, but according to Merced’s Health Assessment 2/3 children in Merced are living in poverty. We have been told there’s not enough demand for natural foods in Merced and to start this business in a bigger city, but we believe we can have an impact in Merced. We have been delivering juices to consumers since the summer of 2018 so that is a good sign. https://www.co.merced.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View…

Other Ways You Can Help: We understand that not everyone will be able to contribute, but you would help us a lot by sharing this with friends and family via email, social media, text, phone calls.

Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts!

Rocio & The Juice Words Team

Want to get involved?

Email us at [email protected]

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