How Does CropMobster Work?

CropMobster Merced is an community-based platform supporting community action and exchange on any food system-related topic. Moderated by staff at UC Merced and CropMobster, we are focused on: supporting hunger relievers, helping local farmers and small businesses, preventing waste and inspiring community “Can Do!”

Alerts are posted by the local community, which contain offers or requests in search of anything within the food and agriculture system. These can be a large quantity of apples being sold, farming equipment, livestock; restaurants looking to hire new employees, organizations marketing events, or even members in search of specific items.

When these alerts are published, the community is sent notifications via email and social media. Even if you may not be interested in a specific alert, the biggest power is the ability to share these alerts with your immediate friends or family who may be interested.

Visit our How it Works page to learn more.

What Problems Does CropMobster Solve?

The CropMoster Community Exchange platform “connects” the dots to inspire community crowdsourcing to end food waste, support hunger relief and increase revenue and exposure for small farms and food businesses. We are essentially a local food network that supports sharing and community collaboration towards tangible results and impact.

Here is an overview of some of the challenges we see, but remember – each of these problems, when looked at a different way, are opportunities to create value in your community:

  • Communication: Organizations and individuals in a regional food system need a watering hole or connective “hub” for enhancing communication and collaboration
  • Food Waste: 1/3rd of all food produced in the world is wasted and goes uneaten. Beyond food there are an abundance of unused materials and valuable resources to be shared more effectively and efficiently
  • Food Insecurity and Hunger: Nearly one billion people in the world are hungry and experiencing food insecurity. Many organizations working on food insecurity need our support.
  • Local & Rural Economies: Many small farmers and food businesses struggle to be profitable and have a hard time gaining authentic, affordable exposure

At CropMobster, we see each of these problems as an opportunity for transformation and value creation.

How do I post an alert?

Anyone can publish an alert on CropMobster by following the simple steps below:

  1. SIGNUP or LOGIN to your CropMobster account using your Email Address
  2. Click on SUBMIT AN ALERT found in the top right of every page
  3. Follow the steps and enter in all the details for your alert
  4. Submit your alert so your communities moderators can review before posting

If a visual set of directions are your thing, we highly encourage watching our video walkthrough on how to post an alert on CropMobster!

How do I edit an alert?

When you are logged into your CropMobster account, you can get to the edit screen of your alert in two places.

  1. When viewing the “grid” of alerts, you will see a pencil icon which means you can edit that alert. Click this icon to open the alert editor. View Example
  2. When viewing the page for your alert, a green button at the top of the sidebar. View Example

In the alert editor, you have access to all the information you provided in your alert and can change this at any time.

How do I close an alert?

To close your alert, you will first need to open your alert in the alert editor (review “How do I edit an alert?” item above for how to open the alert editor).

In the alert editor, you will see a button that says “Close Alert”, clicking this will close your alert and make it unavailable to the community.

How do I view all the alerts I’ve posted?

You can view a list of all your alerts by viewing your profile. To get to your profile page, click on “My Account” near the top right to view your account page.

How do I change my alert type after it’s been posted?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the alert type of your alert once it has been posted. This is due to each alert type holds specific information that may not transfer to a new alert type (e.g. event date doesn’t exist in a Sale alert type).

We recommend closing your existing alert and creating a new one if the alert type absolutely needs to be changed. You can then send a support request to have your old alert deleted if you don’t want it listed anymore.

I’m having trouble uploading an image to my alert.

When creating an alert on CropMobster, a photo is required. Sometimes an error may occur, please ensure your image meets our specifications:

  • Maximum file size is 10MB
  • Minimum image width 360 pixels
  • File type must be PNG, JPEG or GIF
  • Recommended 799 pixels wide by 433 pixels high image dimension

if you are still having issues and need to resize your image, follow these directions for Windows and Mac

Can I adjust the number of email alerts I get?

Of course! While CropMobster is built to be an instant email alert system, we understand that some days the CropMobster community has a lot to offer in a given day or even a week! You can adjust your email settings at any time by navigating to your “Account Settings“, and clicking on “Email Settings”. There you can choose to receive Instant emails, or a Daily or Weekly Digest of all the amazing alerts the community pushes out.

How do I activate my CropMobster account?

When you create a CropMobster account, we send a email verification email to prevent spammers and robots from creating fake accounts. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for our email to arrive into your email inbox. Occasionally email providers will automatically mark our messages as spam. If you do not see an activation email in your spam/junk folder, please contact CropMobster Support and we’ll help you get your account activated.

How Does CropMobster Make Money?

We offer our exchange technology and services to community institutions and organizations that want to drive impact in their own counties, regions and communities. To date, our work has been funded by a mix of community contracts, sponsorships, grants, social investment and donations from individuals.

How Do I Create a Community Exchange in My Community?

CropMobster partners with bold community leaders to help grow your “Farm to More Forks” economy and community. We offer county-level exchange packages and regional multi-county packages. Visit our CropMobster HQ website and send us a message if you are interested in Starting your own CropMobster Community Exchange in your area!

Do You Have Any Questions?

We’d love to hear from you! You can reach out anytime through our Contact Us page!